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  What is Idyabooster?

Idyabooster is a marketplace for investors to identify and invest in curated, quality creative projects

  How will investing in projects through Idyabooster be different from current financing models?

The driving thought behind Idyabooster is to bring in transparency and ease of investment in creative projects. The information through technology will help people invest in smaller amounts in a transparent manner, and also allow them to monitor their invested projects on an ongoing basis

  How do I invest in Creative Projects through Idyabooster?

We are an invite- only/ reference-only investors group. Incase you are keen to invest in creative projects through Idyabooster, please visit our ‘Members’ page.

  Does Idyabooster invest in the projects itself?

Yes, Idyabooster selectively invests in the projects themselves. We are a platform that brings together the owner of the creative projects and investors who are looking to invest in such projects

  What role does Idyabooster play?

  • Curate and shortlist quality projects
  • Showcase investible projects to investors both online and offline
  • Bring in transparency in film and creative project financing
  • Manage the entire investment process for the investor group
  • Monitor budgets, completion for projects
  • Provide online portfolio management tool for investors to track projects
  • Build network of partners to help in completion of projects
  • Create showcasing platforms for invested projects for distributors

  How do I apply for funding with you?

Please visit the ‘Submit Your Projects’ page

  Do I have to fill out the application?

Yes! It doesn't take long, and at the very least it is a great way to start asking yourself the crucial question about your project that you wish you undertake

  Can I set up a meeting with you to go over my script and idea before I apply to see if it's worth it?

While we love face to face discussions as much as we can, we unfortunately find it is best to discuss your plan once you have filled in the application, as that will help you think through your plan better. We suggest applying and we will give you feedback as to our decision to accept or deny.

  How long is the process?

We will review your application and get back to you as soon as we can. The more focused your application, the faster we can make a decision. Once we shortlist, we will invite you for a discussion to take this forward

  I want to partner with Idyabooster

If you think there are synergies in your business and Idyabooster, we would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line at

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